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Solar panel installation is a complex operation that needs technical know-how and proficiency to ensure your system is optimised for maximum efficiency.

Our skilled solar installers do site visits and evaluations to determine the optimal design based on variables like location, access to sunlight, and electricity load. All this information is given to our engineers, who will ensure your solar system is created particularly for your requirements while considering all local laws and safety standards.

Our team at Energizer Solar Electrical & Air will be there for you every step of the way, from the initial contact through installing your solar system, to offer you practical advice and direction.

Before installing your solar system, our staff can give you valuable advice and guidance at every turn.

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Accreditation by the Clean Energy Council.

Energizer Solar Electrical & Air have an accredited team of designers & installers, ready to help with your transition to Solar.

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Are you prepared to stop paying rising energy prices? Then arrange a consultation with no commitment so that we can discuss your energy requirements, location, home size, and budget to determine what will work best for your house.

There won’t be any hard-sell tactics used in this conversation. It’s only a free, no-obligation consultation to give you more knowledge to help you with your solar energy needs. To join the Victorian homeowners who are already energy independent, complete the form below.

Ensure Your Residential Solar System Has CEC Accreditation, Or You Won't Be Eligible For The $1,400 Rebate.

As an electrical retailer, we frequently get asked why many people in the area had negative experiences with solar panel manufacturers and installers. Businesses often make promises and provide something different, such as guarantees that prove false or good.

Making the proper provider and installer decisions for your photovoltaic solar installation is essential.

A respected business specialising in durable, high-quality facilities can help you maximise government rebates and incentives.

Queensland Families Can Save Money and Be Energy Independent With Solar Power

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Request a Custom Quote and Recommendations from the Best Solar Panel Installer with CEC Certification.

Our solar products are made to power your house as cheaply as possible. We work to maximise your return on investment and ensure that your product produces enough energy to eliminate your concern over ever-rising costs.

By trusting us, you can relax knowing that your system is current with the latest technology available and can create more than enough energy for your home throughout your investment.

You Can Reduce Your Electricity Costs By 80% To 90%.

Why would you pay $199, $299, or more when you can receive electricity for much less? 

Households will likely have to pay a huge amount for their electricity due to predicted price increases. 

How will we be able to pay all of our payments if we wait to take action soon?

By avoiding excessive electricity costs after installing a solar panel system, you might save up to $ 1,000 a year. Notable, isn’t that? 

The original installation cost is fully recovered in the first few years, and you now have a fantastic long-term investment.

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You Can Feel Secure With Free Online Monitoring And Yearly Inspections.

Are you worried that your home solar system will fail or perform poorly? This won’t be a concern for you.

Your security against wear and tear for many years is guaranteed by our free monitoring service for Tier 1 items and a lengthy warranty.

Additionally, our professional team does free yearly system checks and repairs, so you don’t have to worry about having the skills necessary to fix problems yourself.

As a result, you can relax knowing that we’ll ensure your system runs smoothly and to its full potential.

Get a free consultation about your needs by speaking with our team immediately in a no-obligation conversation.

Get a 6.6kW Solar Panel System installed by a CEC Approved Solar Retailer and CEC Accredited Installer for just $2,450* + The First 10 Customers In This Month Will Get FREE Extended 5-Year Annual Maintenance.