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At Energizer Solar Electrical & Air, we are fully equipped to handle the maintenance of your air conditioner whenever you need us. 

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When dealing with issues with your home’s air conditioning system, the best action is to seek professional assistance rather than attempting to resolve the problem yourself. 

You must feel at ease with the services you receive, and you can do this if you pick a reputable business that can handle home air conditioning repairs with skill. We are a dependable source of services for you. 

With excellent customer service and a wealth of experience fixing and maintaining such systems, we can improve your AC quickly.

We have the training to do complete servicing and repairs for all brands. Inadequate maintenance of your air conditioner system may void your warranty and significantly shorten the lifespan of a costly component of your house.

You may benefit from having an air conditioning unit that will last for many years and always operate at total capacity by using our professional services for air conditioning repair.

When Should You Inspect Your Air Conditioner?

There are specific signs that your home’s air conditioning system needs repairs. Acting soon is advised if you detect these symptoms because delaying action could cause problems to worsen. Unmaintained heating systems can release harmful carbon monoxide emissions, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Your heating or cooling system will often undergo annual inspections as part of HVAC servicing, which can accurately measure the CO levels in the system. Regular maintenance is advised even if you don’t detect any problems with your air conditioner. You will benefit from constantly having an AC unit that operates as efficiently as possible. Your system can be adjusted to deliver the highest cold air to your rooms. 

Why Choose Us?

Our qualified air conditioner repair specialists can inspect, test, and fix any split system or ducted air conditioner problems.All through the Sunshine Coast, we provide quick and responsive repairs. Call our staff to speak with a qualified expert right away. 

Upfront Pricing

Because we value openness, we provide all our services at a price upfront. Before we start, you will be informed of the project's cost, preventing unforeseen expenses

Qualified Professionals

Our staff comprises highly knowledgeable and certified specialists with industry experience and comprehensive training. They are aware of the newest methods and technologies to produce outstanding results.

Guaranteed Workmanship

We guarantee the excellence of our work. Every project we take on is finished to the most significant standards, and we back our work with a warranty. After our service, if you have any problems, we'll take care of them immediately and to your satisfaction.

Quality Work

On each job, producing high-quality work is our first priority. We employ quality materials and adhere to industry best practices while performing electrical installations, repairs, or air conditioning services to ensure long-lasting and dependable results.

Timely Service

We value efficiency and try to finish projects on schedule without sacrificing quality. We respect your time and work to limit interruptions to your regular schedule.

Enhance Longevity and Performance with Energizer Solar Electrical & Air

With years of experience in the field, Energizer Solar, Electrical & Air is a one-stop electrical and HVAC contractor focusing on customer needs. 

Our friendly, fully qualified electricians and air conditioning experts serve the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.

We service split systems and ducted air conditioners from all major air conditioning manufacturer brands. 

We can pass savings on to our consumers since we have direct accounts with the most widespread air conditioning brands. 

Our specialists have worked on air conditioners for many years. Trust us to obtain the most significant repair results for your air conditioner.

Our Maintenance Process

When it comes to keeping your AC system in peak condition, our maintenance process is straightforward and effective.

Preliminary Inspection

Our skilled technicians begin by conducting a thorough visual inspection of your AC unit. They look for any visible issues, wear, or damage that might affect its performance.

Performance Testing

Our technicians carry out a series of tests to assess the performance of your AC system. This includes checking the refrigerant levels and calibrating the thermostat.

Cleaning and Component Check

We clean key components of your AC, such as the coils and filters. Clean coils ensure efficient heat exchange, while clean filters improve indoor air quality.

Final Recommendations

Based on our inspection and testing, we provide a detailed report of our findings and any recommended actions. If we identify any necessary changes, we'll discuss these with you.

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Teresa Silcock
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Jay and Jordan were awesome… they arrived on time, were friendly and got the job (which was a tricky one) done quickly and to a high standard. My LED niche lighting looks amazing!!
graham clarke
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Jay and Byron were very professional. The were friendly, efficient and respectful. We are more than happy to recommend Energizer based on their service today.
Greg Keene
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Ben has been here twice disconnecting and reconnecting our ducted air con unit due to retiling of our deck. He also serviced our unit and replaced vent. He was super professional, very knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. I would certainly recommend and have Ben do work for me again.
Kathy Phillips
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I had the pleasure of meeting Ben, Jay and Jordan from Energizer Solar, Electrical and Air today. What lovely guys! They were were professional, polite and explained everything they were doing. I would definitely use them again if the need arises.
Robbi Wright
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Contacted Energizer on a Monday for quote, AC units fitted on that thursday , job done and dusted within a few days. Ben and the team were on time, helpful and got the job completed promptly and professionally, 5 stars team thank you and have a great Christmas! Robbi Wright
Chris Wade
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The Team at Energizer Solar Electrical & Air did an awesome job from the initial assessment, advice and planning from Izaac to the finished install. Quality products were used at a very competitive price. Attention to detail and excellent standards of workmanship from Jay and Ben, all carried out with expertise and respect for us and our home. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

An air conditioner must have routine maintenance to function at its best. Here are a few fundamental AC maintenance tasks that are necessary: 

Filter Cleaning/Replacement, Coil Cleaning, Condensate Drain Cleaning, Fan and Blower Maintenance, Lubrication, Electrical Connections, Thermostat Calibration, Refrigerant Level Check, Belt and Pulley Inspection, and General System Inspection.

 To keep the system functioning at its best, it is advised to review the manufacturer’s instructions and consider professional servicing.

The manufacturer’s recommendations, consumption trends, and environmental conditions are only a few variables that affect how frequently air conditioner maintenance checks should be performed. 

However, as a general rule of thumb, getting your air conditioner serviced at least once yearly is advised.

An air conditioner’s annual maintenance refers to a thorough service carried out once a year to guarantee the system’s optimum performance, efficiency, and lifetime. 

To inspect, clean, and tune up the various components of the air conditioner, a professional HVAC technician must complete several activities.

The quality of the unit, usage habits, maintenance needs, and environmental variables can all affect how long an air conditioner lasts. 

An air conditioner can survive between 10 and 15 years on average with proper maintenance.

Inadequate cooling or insufficient cooling capacity is one of the most frequent issues with air conditioners. 

This problem may have underlying causes, such as Dirty Air Filters, Refrigerant Leaks, Faulty Compressors, Electrical Issues, Frozen Evaporator Coils, Blocked Condenser Units, and Improper Sizing.

Need A Highly Qualified Air Conditioning Technician?

With more than a decade of experience in the field, Energizer is a one-stop electrical and HVAC contractor that puts the customer’s needs first. Sunshine Coast and neighbouring areas are serviced by our courteous, fully licenced electricians and air conditioning specialists.