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Energizer Solar Electrical & Air, quality air conditioner services for your home or business, servicing the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.
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Energizer Solar Electrical & Air are a locally owned business with over 8 years experience specialising in air conditioning sales, installation, service & repair of both commercial air conditioning and home air conditioning.

Energizer Solar Electrical & Air, keep all our work in house and have an internal team of project managers and engineers.

We guarantee our workmanship for 5 years. The air conditioners we supply have a 5 and 6 year manufacturing warranty.

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Design & Installation

Designing your air conditioning system to make sure it does what you want it to do takes time. Energizer Solar Electrical & Air is not a sales company, we are a design company.

Maintenance & Repairs

So what happens after the installation? Like all equipment, air conditioning units require regular maintenance and servicing, that’s where Energizer Solar Electrical & Air come in.


Our company has a fully qualified and experienced team of technicians who operate in all areas of the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.

Quality air conditioner services for your home or business

Air Conditioning Services Sunshine Coast | Energizer SEA
Residential Air Conditioning Services

You will benefit from Energizer Solar Electrical & Air residential air conditioning service and experience when implementing your new system. Our experienced team can help guide on what system will work best for your space. Whether it’s a bedroom, living space, or an entire house we can help you.

Commercial Air Conditioning Specialist
Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Energizer Solar Electrical & Air offers business and commercial air conditioning solutions right across the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. Our professional team of mobile air conditioning technicians can install, maintain and service your ducted or split system air conditioner so you can work in comfort.

Most common types of air conditioners we install

Split System

Split system air conditioners work very effectively to heat or cool individual rooms or larger common areas, they are very economical and effective.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems can heat or cool multiple rooms at once and quickly. These systems are fast becoming the best solution for both home and business owners.

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Why Choose us for Air conditioning services?

Energizer Solar Electrical and Air can make your life comfortable through our air conditioning services in Sunshine Coast. We are selected for our Air Con services over our competitors because of following reasons:

Experienced and Knowledgeable air conditioning specialists

Service Guarantee

Transparent and honest pricing

Local Electricians serving Sunshine Coast

24*7 air conditioning services

Licensed and Insured Air Conditioning specialists

Are you looking for an Expert Air conditioning contractor in Sunshine Coast?

Energizer Solar Electrical and Air offer quality air conditioning services in Sunshine coast to keep you cool or warm according to the outside climate. Our team offers reliable and prompt services to all our customers to improve their efficiency. 

Our team consists of trained and professional technicians who with their experience has serviced many air conditioners across Sunshine Coast. 

So if you are looking for an expert air conditioning specialist, contact our team. We will love to help you with our air con solutions to keep you cool and comfortable.

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Air Conditioning FAQs

The air conditioning system consumes a lot of energy to run, thus increasing your power bills. By using the below mentioned methods you can lower your power bills:

  1. Maintain a constant temperature according to the outside climate
  2. Keep your doors and windows closed when your air conditioner is working
  3. Properly maintain your air conditioner running smoothly with regular maintenance and repair
  4. Install an efficient air conditioner by contacting an expert aircon specialist.

Your air conditioner will not provide sufficient cooling because of the following reasons:

  1. Dust and dirt has clogged the air filters
  2. The condenser or compressor is not working properly
  3. Cleaning of various important parts needs to be done
  4. You need to contact an expert air conditioning contractor to solve the issue.

The maintenance and repair costs vary according to the type of air conditioner whether its a split or ducted air conditioner as well as scope of service. 

The common issues our customers face with the air conditioners are dust clogging the air filters, faulty thermostats, gas leaking , low cooling or heating, electrical issues etc.  Sometimes the customers may even experience some noise or smell coming from the AC due to some electrical faults. In either case it’s best to contact your local expert technical team.